Proudly representing the Electical Manufacturing Industry

Wire and Cable

Alan Wire

Copper Products: THHN/XHHW, MTW, TFFN, TFN, Tray Cable, Bare Tinned Copper, Use, RHH, RHW

Aluminum Products: THHN/XHHW, Use, RHH, RHW, SER, SEU, UD Utility Cables, MC

Classic Wire & Cable

Aluminum Utility Cables, Aluminum MC , Aluminum THHN & XHHW Full Colors, Bare Aluminum & Portable Cord

Commercial, Residential & Industrial Products

Allied Moulded Products

Fiber & plastic boxes, ceiling fan boxes, lamp holders


Macro Energy

Turnkey lighting solutions focused on providing best-in-class technologies for energy-efficient retrofit applications


LED Lamps, A, BR, Par, MR16, GU24, GU10 and Elevator styles. Self-contained LED Modules and high hat retrofit kits. CFL, Incandescent, HID and Halogen lamp offerings as well as Nuvo Decorative Builder oriented fixture line and track lighting, Lighting and Electrical components for fixtures.